Implant Dentistry

The best way to replace missing teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

A high-end approach to tooth restoration.

Missing a tooth can be a traumatic experience for anyone and can cause real problems for your dental health. As an expert in dental implantology, Dr. Silc…Learn more about our dentist… can provide implant solutions that allow you to enjoy your smile and your lifestyle once again. So what are dental implants?

A dental implant is a non-removable restoration that acts as our secure foundation to crowns, bridges, or dentures. An implant consists of three elements:

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1. Post

The main part of the implant is a synthetic titanium root that fuses with your jaw bone.

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2. Abutment

This acts as the attachment for your new custom-made restoration.

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3. Restoration

Placed on top of the implant, this could be a dental crown, bridge or a set of dentures.

At Silc Periodontics…Visit our homepage for more information…, we present you with an innovative solution that does so much for you smile. Dental implants do the following:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Restore chewing/bite function
  • Preserve your facial structure
  • Protect the health of your teeth and jawbone
  • Look and feel like your natural teeth
  • Provide a permanent solution

It is worth noting that Dr. Silc works with Nobel Biocare implant systems…Opens a new window to the Nobel Biocare website… and our other partners to provide you with the highest quality results. She pairs her expertise with high-grade materials to provide you with the best care possible.

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

Discover the step-by-step process we use to restore your smile.

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Our process begins with a thorough evaluation and consultation from Dr. Silc. During this time, she’ll review your dental history, identify your individual needs, and determine if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure.

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With the use of our CBCT scanner, Dr. Silc can render 3D images of your entire jaw so she can accurately plan the exact insertion points for the implants and produce more predictable outcomes.

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We partner with general dentists to create an ideal implant solution based on your specific needs. Dr. Silc uses various implant providers and will send over all the necessary data so our lab can construct your unique implant.

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The first step when placing dental implants in Schaumburg, IL involves Dr. Silc inserting the post into your jawbone. After the implant has fused with your bone, the abutment can be placed, and the restoration fitted.

Single Tooth Implants

If you are missing one tooth, a single tooth dental implant could effortlessly solve your problem. Commonly topped with a dental crown, these implants look and function just like your natural tooth root.

After your implant is placed, you’ll be able to speak, chew, and laugh as if nothing ever happened. Also, because only a single tooth needs to be replaced, your surrounding natural teeth will be fully preserved, and your oral health restored.

Dr. Silc proudly partners with the top implant providers in the country so you can benefit from the most innovative and elite techniques. Our partners include:

Smile proudly and give your smile the second chance it deserves with our dental implant solutions.

Full-Arch Dental Implants

At Silc Periodontics…Get more information on our homepage…, we pursue the latest in implant technology to help those who have multiple missing teeth. Many people suffer with loose or ill-fitted dentures that make it difficult to eat or even speak.

That stops today!

You can regain your full smile in just one day with All-on-4® Dental Implants…Opens a new window to the Noble Biocare website… or TeethXpress…Opens a new window to the TeethXpress website….

These treatment concepts provide you with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of your procedure. What’s more, they only use FOUR implants! You can benefit from a minimally invasive solution that provides unparalleled results.

No grafts, immediate functionality, and a beautiful smile are just some of the reasons why 98% of patients would recommend the full-arch dental implant concept.

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Dental Implants FAQs

  • Am I a good candidate for implants?

    That can only be determined with a comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Silc. During this consultation, our periodontist…Learn more about Dr. Silc… will assess your individual needs and provide her professional recommendations on whether dental implants in Schaumburg, IL… opens in a new window to Google Maps… are the best course of action.

  • How much do implants cost?
    The cost of implant dentistry varies from patient to patient as it depends on your specific needs e.g. bone quantity, region, etc. Further diagnostics must be completed before the final treatment plan can be established.
  • How long do implants last?
    Dental implants are a permanent solution for those with missing teeth. The biocompatible material fuses with your jawbone to create a solid foundation that mimics your natural tooth root. What’s more, implants are not susceptible to decay, however, a good hygiene routine will keep the surrounding gums healthy.

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