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Caring for Your Whole Health

Dr. Jennifer T. Silc can diagnose, plan, and treat common symptoms of periodontal disease.

As a board-certified periodontist, Dr. Silc…Learn more about our dentist… not only pays attention to your oral health, but she also cares for your overall health. With her exceptional team by her side, Dr. Silc’s primary goal is to provide you with a lifetime of health combined with excellent results.

One way she does this is through preventative care and problem-solving. Our team aims to identify and stop periodontal issues before they arise. However, if gum disease is present, then we have the services to restore your health.

Here is how we achieve this:

  • Comprehensive Exams

    This exam includes:

    • Thorough cleaning
    • Periodontal evaluation
    • X-rays
    • Intra-oral pictures
    • One-on-one discussion with Dr. Silc

    With this assessment, your Schaumburg… opens in a new window to Google Maps… periodontist will be able to discover any issues before they become bigger problems.

  • Periodontal Maintenance
    This service consists of a series of in-depth cleanings to stop the spread of periodontal disease. It is especially useful to patients who have advanced periodontal disease or have undergone periodontal surgery.

    Through our specialized care, you can keep your oral cavity in excellent health while stopping the progression of gum disease.

    Our ultimate goal is to make oral hygiene an essential habit for our patients so that you can prevent major health problems down the road. Also, we provide compassionate advice that empowers you on your journey to sustainable health.

  • Scaling and Root Planing
    When the periodontal (gum) disease has reached below the gum line, this treatment can help stop or slow its progression. Scaling and root planing consist of a deep cleaning of your teeth and roots both above and below the gumline. The aim of this cleaning is to remove any plaque, tartar, calculus, and/or harmful bacteria.

    You can rest assured that Dr. Silc can perform this procedure with minimal discomfort. She uses modern techniques and her gentle touch to rid your gums of any disease.

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Periodontal Surgery

Don't worry! Our board-certifed periodontist uses a unique approach that is comfortable while achieving outstanding results.


A frenectomy is the removal or loosening of muscle tissue from the frenum (a band of muscle tissue) to aid in stopping gum recession. This muscle attachment connects your gum with the inner part of your top lip and can be seen between your front teeth. This procedure is more common in younger children, but adults can benefit from it too.


Sinus Augmentation

When your sinus walls are very thin, placing dental implants can become an impossible task. During a sinus augmentation surgery, bone is added to the area around your molars and premolars in your upper jaw. This bone augmentation helps the implants to be held in place and provides a safer experience for you as a patient.


Bone & Tissue Regeneration

This treatment makes use of specialized graft materials and membranes to regenerate your bone and tissue. It helps stabilize teeth that are at risk while preparing your jaw for dental implants. The denser bone allows for more predictable results and long-term success.


Esthetic Crown Lengthening

This procedure is performed to correct excess tissue around your teeth (i.e., a gummy smile) or to prepare your mouth for a restorative treatment. It includes the reshaping or recontouring of your gum tissue to create a more aesthetically pleasing smile.


Laser Gingivectomy

During this treatment, Dr. Silc…Learn more about our periodontist… will remove unhealthy gum tissue with the help of diode lasers. The laser removes the tissue and shapes the gum line with little discomfort and fast recovery time.



Sometimes extractions are necessary because of a severely decayed tooth, advanced periodontal disease, or in preparation for a future procedure. Whatever the reason, our team’s gentle touch and professional skills will make your experience truly comfortable.


Soft Tissue Biopsy

A biopsy is the removal of a small piece of soft tissue for examination and diagnostic purposes. If Dr. Silc believes a spot, a lump, or a mass could be problematic, she’ll perform a biopsy to make sure your health is in great shape.

Sedation Dentistry

Helping you relax while we care for your smile.
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Nitrous Oxide

This form of sedation is commonly known as laughing gas. It is a sweet-smelling, non-irritating gas administered via a nasal hood during your treatment. You’ll feel very relaxed with the effects wearing off almost immediately after the procedure is complete.

Oral Sedation

This sedation option can come in pill or liquid form and is taken orally. When under sedation, you’ll still be awake, but your mouth will be numbed, and you won’t feel the dental work being done. This form of sedation is often used in combination with nitrous oxide to provide a soothing and relaxing experience.

IV Sedation

At Silc Periodontics we offer IV conscious sedation. This produces a safe, drug-induced state, which leaves you completely relaxed. IV sedation is administered into your veins and can result in you falling asleep through your entire visit. Dr. Silc…Get to know Dr. Silc… is certified to administer this form of sedation, so you know you are in good hands.

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